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Seaside Scholarships is a non-profit organization formed to raise money                          and distribute scholarships to Seaside High School seniors.  Believing all students          need to further their education, Seaside Scholarships strives to award scholarships        to a wide variety of promising students.  Our youth are the greatest natural resource we have.  Funding scholarships means opening doors for students, regardless of financial background and success or struggles with school.  By ensuring the education of our community’s youth, we ensure our community’s quality of life.

Our Scholarships and those we help manage (in alphabetical order):

Seaside Scholarships – Achievement Scholarships

Seaside Scholarships – Investment Grants

Cannon Beach American Legion Scholarship

Cannon Beach American Legion Post 168 was established in 1948. A community center that strives to give to past, present, and future generations, the Cannon Beach American Legion is heavily involved in local events and charities. One of those is the scholarship program for local students. The Cannon Beach American Legion believes it is their duty to give back to their community and this is one of the many ways they do.

Coastal Family Health Center Scholarship

Coastal Family Health Center is a leader in providing high-quality, culturally appropriate, comprehensive health care to all people in Astoria Oregon, regardless
of ability to pay.  Their goal is to help their patients make a positive change in their overall health. This scholarship will be awarded to a graduating senior that is interested in pursuing a career in the health care field.

Patrick D. Dillian Memorial Scholarship

Patrick Dillian was the devoted husband of Effie Dillian, who was once a Home Economics teacher at SHS. She established the scholarship in 1946. The award goes to a student who has shown, in daily associations with others, qualities of outstanding leadership, humanity and consideration, cooperation, honesty, kindness, and intelligence, and who will attend school within the Oregon University System.

Robert Filori Memorial Scholarship

Robert Filori was an educator on the northwest coast for thirty five years. Affectionately called “Uncle Bob” or “Mr. Gold Tooth” by many of his students, Bob believed all students had the ability to achieve and that education was the way to accomplish that. After surviving childhood polio and two tours of duty in Vietnam, Bob worked his way through college. With the help of the G. I. Bill, and at times living in a tool shed or basement, he reached his goal of becoming a teacher. Bob was a business teacher, a coach, an administrator and a devoted family man. He spent his life encouraging people to reach for their dreams. Bob’s family established this scholarship to continue his legacy of education and to assist students to achieve their life’s goal.

Jason M. Goodding Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded in memory of Sgt. Jason M. Goodding. Jason was a member of the Seaside Police Department who was tragically killed in the line of duty in February of 2016. Jason was a valuable member of our community who served our town as a police officer, devoted husband and father, mentor, coach, and school volunteer. This scholarship was established as a memorial for Sgt. Goodding. The money can be used for educational expenses at any two or four year institution and will be awarded directly to the school upon full-time enrollment. To be eligible, the recipient must pursue a career in a law enforcement related field or a career in education.

Elliott Hearing Memorial Scholarship

Elliott Hearing and his family moved to the Oregon Coast when he was in the 8th grade. His love for the arts soon became obvious; Elliott sang in the high school choir and jazz choir and acted in plays both in high school and at the Coaster Theater in Cannon Beach. He was very social, spreading his love for his friends through smiles, hugs, and laughter. Elliott also had a great passion for all living things, especially horses.

Elliott enjoyed imagining what college would be like and looked forward to his future. Sadly Elliott died in a drowning accident the summer before his junior year at SHS. Elliott’s friends created a scholarship in his name, wanting to honor his anticipation for college and the love he had for music, art, and theater.

Peter Hill Memorial Scholarship

Early on Peter Hill mastered the art of being human. He knew how to have fun and enjoy life. A graduate of SHS in 1996, he was a young man whose faith defined him. He was quietly friendly, fit in well with any group, and sincerely accepted and supported others. People appreciated his fine humor, whole-hearted effort, sincere care for others, and his integrity. He was a natural athlete whose magnetic personality strengthened his team and teammates. This scholarship was established by Peter’s family to recognize students with similar qualities.

Jandrall-Babcock Memorial Scholarship

The Jandrall-Babcock scholarship was established by Seaside High School classes 1931 through 1939, named for John Jandrall, Principal of Seaside High School from 1922-1953 and Samuel Babcock, Principal of Seaside Central School from 1923-1953.

In establishing a scholarship trust in the names of their principals, these SHS graduates gave substance to their educators’ memories and aided many future students. In their words, what better way to do we have to express our gratitude to those old halls of learning? If we live generously, we can live forever!

Mr. Knop Memorial Scholarship

Additional Requirement:  In 100 words or less describe how a hobby
has influenced your life and your plans for continuing this hobby in the

Lorian (Lory) Louis Marlantes Memorial Scholarship

Mr. Marlantes, a 1961 SHS graduate, was an outstanding student, athlete, and leader who served as class president all four years. Voted “Most Likely to Succeed”, he graduated Phi Beta Kappa in economics at University of Washington, was a Fulbright Scholar, and earned a masters and a doctoral degree in economics from Stanford University.

Mr. Marlantes held executive positions with Exxon Corporation and Penn Central Corporation before he joined the Rockefeller Group in 1982 as vice president. As the time of his death, not only was he still serving as C.E.O. of the Rockefeller Group but was also teaching graduate students at Columbia University in business economics. In 2001 Mr. Marlantes was a member of the inaugural group of Seaside High School Hall of Fame inductees.

Dorene Raterman Memorial Scholarship

Dorene Raterman’s future was bright. She was smart. She was athletic and dedicated to her team and teammates. She was beautiful and her smile reflected a sense of joy about her. People wanted to be near her; she had the love of many friends, her teachers, and her family.

Dorene’s death still touches the community. Thanks to the generosity of the Raterman family, thousands of dollars have been given to Seaside High School graduates in honor of Dorene. The Dorene Raterman Scholarship recipient is a young woman who is active in her community, in athletics, and is respected and liked by her peers and teachers.

Wendy Richardson Memorial Scholarship

Wendy was a woman of radiant grace and she touched the heart of every person she met. Throughout her life she was able to brighten a day with a smile, a warm touch, or an outreached hand. She would always stand up to help others or volunteer her time and efforts when necessary. Her warmth spread up and down Clatsop County, being involved in events and commerce from Cannon Beach to Astoria. Above all, Wendy was an amazing mother and felt so much pride for her kids. Humble and gracious, Wendy was a beacon in our community for her service and giving. This memorial scholarship was set up in her name by those who loved her. Wendy accepted and loved all walks of life, and the recipient of this award is someone who would show that supporting attitude and involvement in the community.

Charles E. Smith Vocational Grant

Charles E. Smith was a longtime superintendent of Seaside School District #10. “He was a real family man,” said Ed Rippet, a friend and co-worker of Smith. “He had a solid foundation and was a man who was greatly concerned about the school district and liked being involved in education.”

Dr. Smith held his doctoral title in vocational education. As part of a well-rounded education, he believed students should be taught things that would be practical for everyday living. This award assists students in developing their skills through further training and employment.

Spruce Street Scholarship

This scholarship was established by residents of Spruce Street in Gearhart to support Seaside High School graduates.

Timothy S. Williams Memorial Scholarship

Tim’s expertise was in computers. In the 1960s and 1970s when there were no courses in computer related subject matter, Tim created the course and taught it. Tim spent his entire career in the technology field. He owned several companies and wrote software, operating systems in particular. After spending 40 years in the San Francisco area, he moved to Gearhart. He loved movies, travel and his Harley. Tim was a believer in lifelong learning. This scholarship was established by his wife and his sister to help students begin that process of lifelong learning in some aspect of the computer technology field.

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